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Friday, May 07, 2010

Nearly A Year


New pictures! Look! A Chicken!

A chicken!

Nice chicken, you might say? Here's a rooster. He glares.
A rooster!

Here's a chicken and a beautiful lady. Two for one!
A greta and a chicken!

Now a flower. Desaturated except the flower itself. Hip!
A dent de lion!

And a wagon. I bumped up the saturation and vibrance in this one. Joyful!
A dent de lion!

That day, it snowed! Look! Irises and snow!
A snow-iris!

Apple blossoms and snow!
A snow-apple-blossom!

I took a really long exposure shot of the yard at night (I am at Greta's house)
A snow-yard!

Okay cool.


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