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Thursday, October 02, 2008


I took a walk the other day with Greta, and we grabbed a few photographs just as the sun was setting over Big Donahue Lake. Romantic night, really.

The clouds, about thirty minutes before sunset. I had to stop and take a picture because it looked like someone had put dabs of white oil paint on a pure blue canvas. That or photoshopped them in. You never know in today’s world. Anyhoo, I took a couplea pictures and this one is so far the best. No photoshop, either (except for a little cropping).

Here’s the sunset I was talking about. &hearts& Wisconsin fall.

Same sunset, same lake. Oh man was that a cool sunset. No photoshopping on either of these images. Just pure awesome.

Here’s greta. I wouldn’t have put this one in (it’s lacking something in the intensity department), but for the sloping background. I almost didn’t notice it at first, but it’s there. It’s a perfectly fine image until you notice that the horizon is at something of a 20o angle. Greta, in this picture, thought I was still taking pictures of the sunset. It just shows you how candid shots give the photograph a little more realism than one where the subject knows that they’re being photographed.

Here’s a better one of Greta. She was trying to get away from the camera (in a joking way, of course, I wouldn’t put these images online if she minded), and most of the shots I took around this one came out really blurry. This one was taken just a few minutes before sunset. I would have put it first, but the sunset pictures were just too good. Not of course, as beautiful, however.

Greta managed to get the camera from me for a bit, and got this one of me. Beginners luck, I say, for such a good picture. Note that I have a goatee in this picture. I actually don’t anymore. I called it a “try-beard” and whoever gets that reference gets enormous bonus points. Anyway, I shaved it off on this last Friday morning. Nobody noticed, or at least commented. Maybe I’m just that bad at growing facial hair?

Honestly, I think this one was also taken by Greta. It would make a really cool desktop background.
Next week: Exploration of the Boundary Waters and trips to college!

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