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Monday, October 13, 2008

Playing with a Camera

Just to prove to you that this post is actually about what I am telling you it is about in The Title, I will present to you two pictures that will not only astound you, but also... well, okay, no, they're just pretty cool pictures. Anyway:

I have a whole collection of these - basically, I take a long exposure picture (usually with a small aperture) , and adjust the focal length while the shutter is open. Basically I zoom in while taking a picture. What you get, then, is a zooming effect. I plan to work on this and hopefully I can get an image that exhibits a perfect zoom (right now I have a problem with lingering on one or more locations in the zoom, which means that the subject, as in this picture, is clear at one point. A perfect picture using this effect would have a smooth zoom). Either way, I am still a fan of this picture. Pictured is Bill Meier, then Chris R.

Next picture, please?

Ah, yes. Muffins. Yummy yummy muffins. Pictured is Kathy P., with muffins. (The muffins are on the plate). This is because they are yummy muffins. I also think it's a good portrait.

I found a Pringles tube whilst on a recent camping trip (exploration week, where the entire school [~150 students] goes on trips depending on their class. Seniors went canoeing in the Boundary Waters) and decided to take pictures through it (the Pringles tube). It makes a very interesting effect, almost like a solid vingetting or inner frame. I may experiment with other salty food boxes on a later date. Pictured (for the second time this post!) is Chris R.

This picture is currently my desktop. I took it at Northland College, and it's pretty much a normal picture - no fancy whitebalances, apertures, f-stops or shutter speeds. It's a little overexposed to bring out the dark undersides of the clouds, but otherwise this is pretty much as I saw it.

Pretty cool, a?

My friend Zach and I in a tree. Greta took this picture. It just seems like a picture that would go on the cover of a yearbook or something. A little touch-up with the dodge tool on Zach would probably do the picture some good, though.

Not a spectacularly interesting image in terms of color - I think the entire picture could be characterized as "brown". I could probably bring the contrast up here, too - the histogram shows three little mountains all on the left side. But whatever. It's a pretty awesome mushroom.

My photography teacher, Robert, was talking to us just the other day about taking pictures from interesting angles. This is Opal (the girl from the golden picture two posts ago). In terms of most interesting hair, this picture wins so far.

It's interesting how this picture looks so much like a reflection. Look closer - the highlights on the top and bottom pencil don't match up. In fact, these are just two pencils sharing the same piece of lead (a good trick to make it look like the pencils are perfectly balanced). I just like the optical illusionness of this picture, and the fact that it's so hard to tell that something is off without being told so.

I took my friend Isaiah's senior picture in exchange for a handmade walking stick. I have two more pictures lined up - one for a bunch of stuff from China and one for, so far, an "awesome hi-five".

For my (almost) black+white picture of the post, here is my friend Will T-W as an 1860's soldier. Except that he's wearing a t-shirt. And the hat is totally not from the 1860's.

The beard is, tho.


So I'm having some problems with my computer - I'ma wipe the hard drive tomorrow or the next day. Photoshop crashes whenever I open more than one picture. Anyone who has checked my website knows that my uploader (puTTY) crashed whilst updating my website.

Anyway, I'm also not doing so well - I spent the day in the health center with a nasty cold. Doing better now, tho - Greta brought me some tea and stuff. Being sick is great for catching up on stuff, though. I wrote my college essay.


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