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Friday, November 07, 2008

In the middle of National Novel Writing Month...

So, instead of posting a long and tedious rant about each and every image, I'm just going to upload a whole slew of them and let you sort through them. I'll put a little text underneath each, but only enough to let you know what's going on - I have 50,000 words to write in a month.

My friend Dick, holding a weather balloon we were testing in class - we were measuring wind speeds.

The teacher of that class, Robert Eady. I'm in three of his classes right now - Alternative and Renewable Energies (The one with the weather balloon), Chemistry, and Digital Photography. He's also the adviser for my independent study in using videogames to teach Chinese. The man does everything.

Same location as the last two. I shot (once again) through a cardboard tube.

Some mushrooms with a cloth "multiply" layer applied in photoshop.

A dandelion taken while backlit with fill flash. The next day we had two inches of snow.

Practicing some portraiture with my girlfriend. Thanks, Greta!

An interesting image with odd depth of field and color.

With some photoshop, a bad image of some forks becomes stock photography!

See you in a while, and thanks for reading!


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