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Monday, May 18, 2009

Six Sweet Sunrises, then Say Goodbye

greta 1

Hello everyone. I must say that I've surprised myself by updating this often throughout my senior year of High School. Although there was quite a lull in the middle (I was distracted by such things as NaNoWriMo and various scholarly escapades), I would call this quite a successful web-log of my year, as it were. The above picture is Greta, at a peninsula that is hard to get to and fun to be at. If there were a picture where I did a good job of focusing on the eyes, it would be this one.


That sentence made no sense. Moving on.

greta 2

Here's Greta again, looking down. We're all kind of weirded out here - if you haven't been in contact with Conserve School, we're in a kind of conundrum where the administration is a bunch of bums and decided to revamp our school. I wouldn't mind, except that they pulled off the transition horribly, leaving everyone except the seniors with no school anymore. Most of the juniors are facing a life decision of going to college a year early without getting a high school degree, returning to the shell of a school they once loved, or being first-year-seniors at strange high schools that are often too close or too far from home.

But I digress. That's a battle to be fought in other fora.

Below is a series of pictures that I took at an epic "tea-and-loud-music" party the other night.


It was pretty awesome. Below, pictures that I took of the "Painting Rock" on campus, emblazoned with my own logo design. Someone (who, I wonder!?) painted it on the rock on a brave, chivalrous, and amazing display of awesomeness that is... ahem. I mean, who painted it?


Six days until I graduate high school. Currently I am surviving finals. There will probably be pictures of graduation posted here soon.



paulmcleod said...

Thanks Erty- You and Greta rock my world. As an adult, I'm truly embarrassed and ashamed by watching the actions of some of my co-workers. When it comes to principles and ethics and compassion, those folks should be taking lessons from you two. Paul

Lena said...

Erty! I'm going to miss you! I totally think you need to keep blogging because if you didn't it'd make me rather sad :(. Good luck in college next year and keep in touch!

Opal said...

The Rock is sexy!
Ahem. Yeah, who painted it?

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